Dianabol Muscle Training – How to Train for Gains on a Dbol Cycle

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Dbol is going to give you amazing strength so it’s important that you take advantage of this with a intense training program while your on cycle.

If you’re operating under the misguided belief that taking DBol on its own is going to make you big you are living in dreamland.

Yes, Dianabol has the potential to give you amazing strength and size, but if you’re not going to exploit this in the gym you’re just going to end up looking fat and bloated.

Another issue with Dbol is that you will lose gains as soon as you come off it. For this reason many bodybuilders will add testosterone to their bulking steroids cycleIn order to maintain gains and prevent fat accumulation you need to work out intensely while on cycle.

However, it’s critical that you get this part right. Get it wrong and you will end up wasting time which could be spent adding on fifteen pounds of solid lean muscle mass.

The problem is that  most guys, even those who call themselves experienced, haven’t a clue about how to train properly. Most have the mindset that the longer you spend in the gym the bigger you’re going to get.

The only thing you’re going to get with that kind of mindset is exhaustion and an injury.

But who can blame them. Everywhere they look that is the message that is being trust into their face

Why Hasn’t the problem being solved?

The bodybuilding industry pumps out a lot of bullshit about how to build muscle. The media, fitness and muscle mags constantly promote the latest fads that constantly contradict each other.

The gullible are easily misled into believing that those with the biggest physique achieved it  through “amazing genetics and a hard work ethic”.

While others blindly follow those with the biggest physique thinking that they must know what they are doing and believe them when they say their results are down to “amazing genetics and a hard work ethic”.

The reality, is that bodybuilding is a very competitive industry. Those at the top are not going to lose their competitive advantage by revealing all their secrets.

All this misleading information leads to confusion and frustration for ordinary guys.

They end up with a mis-mash of tactics rather than step by step proven system which does them more harm than good. They’re constantly fretting over the volume they need to lift or the number of reps to perform in each set.

Reasons that’s stopping you from growing muscle

The Obsession of Lifting Heavy

There’s nothing wrong with lifting heavy, the problem is that most guys suck when it comes to using the correct techniques and form to actually build muscle with it.

They’re  lifting weights that are far too heavy for them to handle. They have to engage several muscle groups just to stabilize the weight. This has the effect of scattering tension everywhere else but the target muscle group.

The thing is, you’re arms and legs will stay skinny and you’ll never breakout of a plateau, unless you’re applying optimal muscle tension to the working muscle.

When you apply optimal muscle tension you exhaust the muscle and this signals the hormonal system in your body to stimulate muscle growth.

Most guys think the only way to do this is to keep lifting heavier weights and spending long hours in the gym. What they don’t know is that a basic understanding of applied tension and applying specific techniques they can grow muscle much faster even with lighter weights.

These techniques are not complicated. In fact, all it takes is a slight adjustment to the movement of the hand or feet when performing an exercise. These subtle changes in motion will have your muscles burning and sore the next day.

Poor Form and Technique Prevents Proportional Growth and Size

When it comes to building muscle certain parts of the body tend to develop at a different rate to others. This is very common because very few of us are genetically perfect.

Poor lifting techniques and movement patterns exacerbate this imperfection were weaker body parts grow at a much slower rate than the stronger parts of the body.

So how do you know what you’re doing wrong? You need to look at your movement patterns.

Knowing how to fully extend (lengthen) and fully contract (shorten) the is fundamental to growth. It may sound simple enough but it’s more complex than you think. That’s why most guys, even those who are serious about their bodybuilding get this totally wrong.

When you perform an optimal range of motion the muscle is fully extended or contracted at its weakest point, this forces the muscle to stimulate the growth of new muscle fibers that otherwise remain underdeveloped due to a poor range of motion.

And here’s another thing. Most guys haven’t a clue or even a basic understanding of the proper anatomical function of each muscle. If they did they would know how to manipulate for example, the shoulder position or wrist position to isolate specific weaker body parts.

The saddest things is, it’s just as easy to learn these smart techniques as it is the dumb ones.

Gaining More Fat Than Muscle

Gaining fat is a common byproduct of increasing mass. This problem will be further exacerbated if your running a cycle with Dianabol.

Common advice is to load up on calories which can be an effective way to increase mass, but this will be indiscriminate not quality mass. Quality mass is lean and is the type you should be seeking.

The thing is, your body can only pile on mass at a certain rate and no amount of overeating is going to change that. You also need to be careful here, because if your metabolism isn’t up to it those unused calories are going to be stored as fat.

Fortunately there is a formula that can add quality mass, however they’re  lifting weights that are far too heavy for them to handle. They have to engage several muscle groups just to stabilize the weight. This has the effect of scattering tension everywhere else but the target muscle group.”

Its not as simple as stuffing your face. It takes a certain amount of planning that involves rotating your intake of carbohydrates to burn fat on certain days while adding mass on the other days.

The process also involves manipulating nutrient timing and volume which you can conform to your goals. This takes a certain amount of planning and discipline to execute, but it’s not rocket science and the fat burning results will amaze you.

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