How to Keep Fit With a Step Climber

We all know that fitness and health are important elements of a happy existence, and there are many ways to attain a healthy lifestyle with a regular exercise routine. However, few pieces of exercise equipment offer the convenience, effectiveness and all around benefits of the step climber, or stair master or stepper as it is often known as.

It is proven that one of the most efficient ways to burn calories and increase fitness levels is to mount stairs. Although spending an hour a day in the stairwell of your office building or apartment block doesn’t hold much appeal, but thankfully there is another solution.

Step climber exercise machines copy the act of ascending a flight of stairs. In fact, they are even better than the real thing because, in addition to working on your leg muscles, some of them also give you a serious workout for your arms and upper body.

Here are just a few of the most obvious benefits of steppers:

Aerobic exercise:

Exercising with a step climber stimulates your heart rate and makes for great aerobic exercise. Even just half an hour’s on the stair climber each day will ensure a strong and healthy heart.

Muscle toning:

Step climber help builds good muscle tone throughout the body. A lot of the work is concentrated in the leg area, where the majority of your leg muscles are used, but it also builds strength in the arms and the abdomen. All in all, regular use will keep you toned and help you maintain a fantastic body. Unlike some exercise machines and training regimes, steppers provide advantages all over the body.


As mentioned before, step climber is a convenient fitness solution. They are also compact and can fit neatly in the home without taking up too much floor space.

Most stair climbers have the same features, though they can differ in other ways depending on make, model and cost. The most basic stepper will have footholds, a mechanism that copies climbing a flight of stairs and armrests. Some will also involve a back and forth movement of the arms, while others will have an electronic console that will show such details as your heart rate, steps climbed per minute, the amount of calories used, and more.

Step climbers remain among the most popular home-fitness exercise solutions because they are convenient and not expensive. Good stair climbers can be found for as little as $1,000, and with proper and regular training this investment will soon pay itself off regarding fitness and health.

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